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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

TOMEC Corporation (hereinafter referred to as “our Company”) stipulates its Personal Information Protection Policy based on the clauses outlined below. As well as building policies for the protection of personal information, our Company also trains all its staff about the importance of protecting personal information, ensuring that its policies are implemented thoroughly at all times.

Management of Personal Information

Our Company holds the latest and most accurate version of customers’ personal information. Our Company also adopts appropriate safety measures and strict management policies such as maintaining security systems and management systems, and carrying out thorough training of employees, in order to prevent the illegal access, loss, damage, falsification, or disclosure of said personal information.

Purpose of Use of Personal Information

Our Company uses customers’ personal information in order to send e-mails or documentation as general notifications or information about our services, or in response to customer inquiries.

Prohibition of Disclosure of Personal Information to Third Parties

Our Company manages customers’ personal information appropriately, and will never disclose
personal information to third parties except in the cases outlined below:

  • -If the customer has given prior consent.
  • -When disclosing information to a company subcontractor commissioned to supply the services
    required by the customer.
  • -If disclosure is deemed as necessary based on laws and regulations.

Safety Measures Regarding Personal Information

Our Company takes full security measures in order to guarantee the accuracy and safety of personal information.

Personal Inquiries

If a customer makes a request to reference, amend, or delete their own personal information, our Company will fulfill this request after verifying the customer’s identity.

Adherence and Review of Laws and Regulations

Our Company adheres to the applicable laws and regulations of Japan with regard to its stored
personal information. Additionally, our Company also reviews and improves this policy as required.


If you have any inquiries about our Company’s handling of personal information, please contact us using the details below:

株式会社 トーメック 東京支店

東京都港区芝大門1-6-3 芝大門武井ビル2F

TEL:03-5408-1870 FAX: 03-5408-1871
E-mail: tokyo@tomec.jp