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Message from the President

Our company was established in March 2006 as the “New Tomec”, taking over the major business and personnel of the former Tomec.
We are a new company, but leveraging our small elite staff and slimline company structure ensures
our ability to make new developments. Our sales staff have succeeded in acquiring extensive salesrecords and technical expertise, and provide that expertise to a wide range of construction sites
by delivering our company’s original contaminated soil improvement or foundation improvement
methods (new technology). And our company is not limited to domestic business, but is expanding and
highly regarded in every region worldwide.
I look forward to the honor of your continued and considerable future support.

Shinichi Ueno,President

Company Details

Head Office: 1362 Kawagishimae, Kawatsuma, Goka-machi, Sashima-gun,
Ibaraki, 306-0314, Japan
Established: March 1, 2006
Capital: 50 million yen (JPY)
Areas of Business:
  1. Construction machinery
  2. Sales, import and export of industrial machinery
  3. Development, manufacture, maintenance, management and inspection of construction machinery
  4. Lease and rental of construction and industrial machinery
  5. Planning, execution, supervision, engineering and consulting of civil engineering and construction works
  6. Planning, execution, and maintenance of air-conditioning, plumbing or electrical works
  7. Manufacture, sales, leasing and maintenance of apparatus and materials for construction work machinery
Directors: Tadao Miya Executive Chairperson
Ueno Shinichi President
Construction Industry License Number: No. 137128 (Issued by Tokyo Governor, Special-23)
Secondhand Dealer License Number: No. 301080608071 (Issued by Tokyo Metropolitan Public Safety Commission)
Ibaraki Prefecture Public Safety Commission: No. 401260001351
Osaka Prefecture Public Safety Commission: No. 622281805863
Fukuoka Prefecture Public Safety Commission: No. 909990042117